………………On August, 24, 2015, Homeseeds Limited Partnership held a meeting to introduce varieties of marigold in Lopburi area. The marigold specie that recommended for planting was cut off flowers in Maewang deep gold group because this group suited to plant during May to August. In this meeting, attendees were accepted the information including any technique planted marigolds branded house as well.

แนะนำสายพันธุ์แม่วัง ดีฟ โกลด์ลพบุรี2
แนะนำสายพันธุ์แม่วัง ดีฟ โกลด์ลพบุรี1
แนะนำสายพันธุ์แม่วัง ดีฟ โกลด์ลพบุรี3